New Master Franchise Opportunities
•You will represent TAANZ in the region allocated to you.
•TAANZ will provide you a comprehensive training to enroll new Franchisee, schools and to support them.
•Energetic, self motivated achievers
• Good and clear communication, pleasant disposition
• No constraint of Educational Qualifications
• Prior business background not necessary
• Strong relationships/connections in the Franchise Zone
• Those with good connections with schools/colleges within the area, will be given preference
• Ability to counsel, solve problems and provide support to the Franchisee Centers
• Willingness to learn the nuances of the business and to train people
• Ability to meet enrollment targets
• Willingness to travel

• To be the visible face of TAANZ within the zone
• To enroll/appoint new Franchisees
• To help setup Franchisee Centers
• To enroll Schools, Colleges, Education Centers for various Company Programs
• To expand the company business in the Franchise Zone
• To identify, interview and recruit employees, trainers etc. on behalf of the company/Franchise Center
• To oversee operations of company business within the Franchise Zone
• To co-ordinate marketing efforts of all Franchise Centers within the Zone
• To organize and conduct meetings, seminars, workshops, events etc on behalf of the Company/Franchise center
• To conduct periodic training of Franchisee Owners and their staff
• To audit the operations of each Franchise Center within the zone
• Investment Rs. 26 Lakhs + service tax (per Franchise Zone)
• Period of Association No limitation
• No of Centers per Zone 40 - 50
• Return to Master Franchisee Revenue Share of all business generated within the Franchise Zone
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Music fosters positivity, optimism and radiates cheer all around...



Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what  a water bath is to the body...

Current Affairs :
Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctorate level Programs offered in following subjects:
Vocal : Classical Vocal (Shashtriya Sangeet) | Light Classical Vocal (Sugam Sangeet) | Rabindra Sangeet
Instrumental : Sitar | Guitar | Violin | Tanpura | Mandolin | Banjo | Flute | Mouth Organ | Piano | Keyboard | Saxophone | Harmonium | Tabla | Congo | Bongo | Jazz Drum | Pakhawaj | Dholak
Dance : Indian Classical Dances | Folk Dances | Kathak | Bharatnatyam | Punjabi Dance | Haryanvi Dance | Rajasthani Dance | Manipuri | Gujrati | Maharastra | Bollywood Dance | Freestyle Dance | Salsa Dance | Jazz Dance | Hip-hop Dance | Cha-Cha-Cha Dance | Belly Dance | Ballroom Dance | Rock n roll Dance | Rumba Dance | Samba Dance | Swing Dance | Ballet Dance | Break Dance | Tap Dance | Flamenco Dance | Locking Dance | Popping Dance | Robotic Dance | Street Dance | Contemporary Dance | Other Dances
Drawing : Sketching | Water Painting | Oil Painting | Commercial Art | Calligraphy
Music Meditation & Yoga Classes